Heather Denison "Sanctuary" Collector's Preview

Welcome to "Sanctuary"

Heather has created this beautiful series over the past few months. We hope you will enjoy the series as much as we have. Please note these works are 'one off' exclusive originals. They will not be reproduced in print format.

Words from Heather...

"My home and garden is my sanctuary and that became more evident during the covid 19 lockdown. During that period, I spent more time observing the flowers and trees in my garden; thinking about the seasons in nature and in our lives. Watching the birds visiting the flowers that were still blooming in autumn and the rabbits popping out onto the lawn in the evenings made me realise even more about how important and healing nature is. That was when this new series, “Sanctuary” started to form in my mind. I wanted to bring together the flowers and creatures from my own garden and give them their sanctuary. I also wanted to reflect on our past and have hope for the future; with spring; a new beginning."

Any questions, please get in touch or phone us at 0274774706

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