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Heather Denison



“Coloratura” by Heather Denison is an exclusive original* oil painting on stretched canvas, ready to hang. 

"I wanted to represent some songbirds in my series. I feel that the Bellbird is always quite hidden; he is not as flamboyant as the Tui but his song is just as beautiful. I was also thinking about the introduction of the Blackbird by early European settlers as they missed the sounds of “home”. Their song is not nearly as intricate or clear as the Bellbird. This painting is a blend of Europe and New Zealand; the roses and ornate vase represent European settlement. The bright yellow Kowhai is a spectacular sight in spring with their bell shaped flowers. The name, “Coloratura” is Italian for colouring; a type of decoration, usually in singing that is ornate and richly ornamented. I feel it describes the trill of the Bellbird song and the decorative element of this work. A pearl/nest earring is held in the claw of the Blackbird as he, like his European settlers, finds his home in this beautiful land". Heather Denison, 2020.

*Exclusive Originals are 'one off' paintings with no reproductions made from the artwork. 

Please note that sold works will be on display in the gallery for two weeks to allow for customers to enjoy the show in its totality. 

Size: (h)600mm x (w)760mm
Medium: Oil on canvas
Artist Signature: Yes

Artist Bio

Originally from Zimbabwe Heather Denison is a full time artist working from her studio in the countryside of Hawkes Bay. Since her move to New Zealand in 2003, the focus of her work has changed from the wild animals of Africa to the wildlife and gardens surrounding her rural property. Heather has won awards for her bird and botanical artwork and has paintings held in private collections in New Zealand and Overseas.

“My inspiration comes, mostly, from the connection between the natural world and the human element. In my still life paintings, the blend of past and present; man-made items combined with the creatures that inhabit the landscape echo that delicate balance. In all my work, I strive to capture the emotion, atmosphere and beauty of my subject matter.”

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