Perfection / Original

Mila Renault


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"Perfection" by Mila Renault is an original watercolour and ink painting for her "Eclectic Journeys" show at Deciduus and Santie.

"The glacial waters of Lake Tekapo area out of this world. This mountains and lake have been here still but at the same time moving for millions of years and show us that we need to give time to ourselves to rest and be still".

Journeys on the Road Series

"Last spring we travelled around the South Island in a motor home with my family.  

Mackenzie country with its non ending skies, silent mountains and the most amazing lakes and the colour of their water has been the most magnificent scenery and such a joyful family time.

Finding space for four adults a teenager and young boy, food and all the winter clothes in such a small moving space was not easy but certainly an unforgettable experience. My parents live in my home country Brazil and I am not sure when we will be together again. 

Size: A3 (h) 260mm x (w)520mm 
Medium: Watercolour
Paper: 100% cotton rough paper

About "Eclectic Journeys"

2020 has been a tough year, probably the toughest for my generation and as an artist I still  prefer to believe that life will change for better. The simplest joys of life need to be reminded and practiced everyday. Easy to say, hard to practice but through painting and drawing I perceive subtle moments of joy on every day life. Like an observer I see people around me and try to capture the joy in these instants that soon are swallowed by routine.

Artist Bio

Mila Renault is a joyful Brazilian artist based in Hamilton with her family.  She received a formal education in watercolour and classical drawing at school and went on to study Architecture and Urban Design. Mila taught watercolour at the University whilst studying Architecture and Urban Design.

Her architectural background has influenced her watercolours and she has a great eye for composition and perspective. 'Watercolour is a fascintating medium that can capture the mood and atmosphere of a scene through energetic line work and the use of bold colours' says Mila.
As a representational artist, Mila is not concerned about capturing realism but rather strives to create a feeling and connect emotionally with her subjectmatter.

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