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"Victor" Original mixed media Stippling artwork by Rachelle Sutherland. Please note this is an Exclusive Original with no prints to be created from this image.

The Celts associated the hare or rabbit with the full moon, night and anything supernatural.

Inspired by Art Nouveau, Rachelle has incorporated some of the intricate patterning from this Period, yet maintaining her personal style. Eager to use some of her dried flowers and handmade paper she's collected over the years, Rachelle saw the Nouveau theme as a great opportunity to bring these elements into her work. And the result is excuisite imagery filled with hidden messages and delicious textures. Beautiful craftmanship and a true work of art.

Artwork Information

Paper: Natural Paper  made from kozo and wood pulp (245gsm)
Medium: Indigo wash and Gold dust paint.  Dried hellebores & a copic multiliner sp 0.05mm pen.
Process: After pencil drawing a light outline, Rachelle partly painted the paper using an Indigo wash & painted the gold detail. She proceeded to lay out where the flowers should go in order to start the dotting process. One dot at a time  The final process was attaching the flowers and incorporating them into the image. 

Framed Size: h475mm x w420mm
Frame information: Custom framed in a mottled antique finish silvery/bronze with a touch of red brown detail on the inner frame. Artwork is free mounted with a deep matboard surrounding the paper and finished with Anti reflective museum grade Art glass AR70 with UV protection.

Artist Bio

"Quiet and intricate" are words that come to mind when viewing the monochromatic works of Taranaki based emerging artist, Rachelle Sutherland. 

Largely self taught, Rachelle specializes in an art form called Stippling or Pointillism. It is a time-consuming method of using small dots of ink to create an image, and pieces can take anywhere from 20 hours to 450 hours, one single dot at a time.

Rachelle finds inspiration from flora and fauna, culture and recently she has been exploring her own ancestral history. She enjoys working with the Stippling process as it allows her to be precise and detail orientated. She wants the viewer to experience 'getting lost in the details' of the dot intricacies then stepping back to see those dots form a recognisable image.

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