Garden Party / Raku Vessel

Diane Parker


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"Garden Party" Raku Vessel in the shape of her much loved Humpty Pots, by Diane Parker. Inspired by Diane's love of gardening and nature these graceful vessels are formed by hand and each pot individually designed and carved with a unique pattern. Hand painted and fired in a Raku kiln. Each piece an original ceramic artwork in its own right or can be complimented with a plant.

Size: (h) 340mm x (top diameter) 210mm 
Artist signature stamp: Marked with an 'HP' and 'DP' stamp
Please note: These are significantly larger works than the functional humpty planters by Diane.

The Garden Series for "Rhythm in Form" 2020

'This series is a trilogy I suppose of three separate components, all familiar in my studio practice: form, raku, and line. I have gathered these three elements and used inspiration from my love of the garden and the environment it nurtures within and externally.
The ‘Humpty Pot’ tri footed vessel has become my ‘go to’ canvas for surface decoration and exploration. The form is pleasing with the belly shape, stability in 3 feet and its practicality lends itself beautifully for use as a planter.
Raku is a type of firing process I have continued to experiment with over many years, in this series it has easily lent itself to joyful colours with the familiar white crackle, crazed surface as a background allowing the shapes to pop with the black outline showing through unglazed surfaces.
Finally, stylised flowers have been created with simple line drawings, they flow easily on to the clay canvas and flow around the surface giving interest to the viewer regardless of the direction it is being viewed from.
The vessels sit comfortably with or without an indoor potted plant and I would like to think they bring the garden inside the home with a playful touch of elegance" Diane Parker

The Raku Process

Raku was developed in Kyoto,Japan, during the Momoyama period 1573-1615 AD. The vessels are fired to 1000 degrees celcius and when glazes are molton, wares are removed from the kiln and placed in a bed of sawdust to cool. The black colour on unglazed areas, like the inside of the pot is the result of carbon entering the clay body.

Raku ware is purely decorative and because it is low fired, the ware is still porous, therefore will not hold water. Raku is for inside use, there is risk of breakage if placed outside in the rain and frost.

Artist Bio

Diane Parker’s love affair with clay began as a young artist growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s and being surrounded by New Zealand made stoneware pottery, both domestic and sculptural. In 2005 she enrolled at the Otago School of Art as a distance Student for the Diploma in Ceramic Arts. It was during these years that Diane gained the ‘cornerstones’ of her ceramic/potting education and the foundation for future endeavours.

Diane’s work has been selected and represented in National as well as provincial Exhibitions. She currently tutors at The Waikato Society of Potters and has been a member, on and off, for the past 35 years holding positions as both President and Treasurer of the Society.

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