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Rachelle Sutherland


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"Aatma" by Rachelle Sutherland is an original stippling artwork on paper, custom framed in soft pine to complement the colour of the bamboo paper.

Aatma is Hindi for Spirit.  Bats are fascinating creatures; they are the only truly flying mammal and have symbolism in many cultures. Bats don’t always carry a dark message; they also encourage spiritual growth by letting go of one’s ego and reminding us to remain in the present.  

The matching coin is a bee; in Scottish culture bees are believed to carry messages between the two worlds. Some parts of Scotland believe that while sleeping, a person’s soul leaves the body in the form of bees. 

Artwork Details
  Ink on bamboo paper 
Frame Size: (h)425mm x (w)315mm
Signed: Yes 
Please note: Exhibition pieces that have Sold will remain on display in the Gallery until March the 20th before being dispatched.

About Spiritus

Rachelle was born in Aotearoa and is of Irish, Scottish, Indian and likely, Palawa descent. For a long time she felt at a loss as to where her ancestors came from, before they called Aotearoa home. After extensive research and questions (some that may never be answered), Rachelle was able to form a clearer picture of her Whakapapa's origins. The key in each piece represents her discovery and a sense of belonging that grew as she followed along her ancestral path.

'Spiritus is a mixture of my life and my ancestors. It questions what we can do better for future generations, by learning from our own life experiences and the lives of our ancestors, their culture, challenges, mistakes and successes'. - Rachelle

Artist Bio

"Quiet and intricate" are words that come to mind when viewing the monochromatic works of Taranaki based emerging artist, Rachelle Sutherland. 

Largely self taught, Rachelle specializes in an art form called Stippling or Pointillism. It is a time-consuming method using small dots of ink to create an image, and pieces can take anywhere from 20 hours to 450 hours, one single dot at a time.

Rachelle finds inspiration from flora and fauna, culture and recently she has been exploring her own ancestral history. She enjoys working with the Stippling process as it allows her to be precise and detail orientated. She wants the viewer to experience 'getting lost in the details' of the dot intricacies then stepping back to see those dots form a recognisable image.

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