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"The Journey continues"  is a medium sized Original Acrylic on canvas by Santie Cronje. Created for our 3rd Birthday Show this work is part of a series titled "Walk with me" Six new originals sharing stories of reconnecting to our inner child, life with children and the stories we share and reflecting on the great moments and memories that we hold dear. Each piece is created within an oval  shaped dome. A rainbow, a safe space, a memory.... happily in their own world.

If our life can be compared to a book, this piece will be the end of a chapter and start of the next stage in our lives. She is standing at the shore lovingly looking down at her two children and embracing the next stages of their lives as they're growing up and starting to leave the nest. She hopes more than anything in the world that they will always follow their hearts to realize their dreams. 

Size: (h)500mm x (w)500mm on stretched canvas, ready to hang.
Signed: Yes 

Artist Bio
Originally from South Africa, Santie Cronje has called New Zealand home since 1999. Artist in residence and owner of Deciduus & Santie with partner Shane, she juggles a busy work - life balance. As a visual storyteller her paintings are closely connected to her life experiences, travels, thoughts and surroundings. 

Formerly educated, Santie studied Art at school from age sixteen and completed a Bachelors of Arts at the University of Pretoria (South Africa) in 1994. 

Her preferred medium is Acrylics, with its quick drying times and low toxicity. Her style has been described as “a delicate simplicity and elegance, which touches the childlike side of the heart” Santie is represented by a handful of selected galleries with her work held in private collections in New Zealand and abroad.

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