SOLD / Mixed Media Box I / Pit Fired Ceramics

Diane Parker



Mixed Media Box I by Diane Parker 

Hand built Ceramic Object 
(h) 95mm x (w)100mm

The Story behind the little boxes

"These boxes were fired in a pit along with the work of 10 others potters and I remember snuggling them deep into the bed of sawdust prior to sprinkling chemicals and salts around them for effect. A fire was then built on top in a tee pee fashion, this was wrapped in cotton sheets that had been coated in slip and the fire was lit.Some of the timber used had nails in it and a portion of the slip fired to a state that was usable so after I retrieved the boxes from the pit I also collected the nails and fired slip to add to the decoration on the lids. I liked the idea of adding these extra materials to the final piece, they journeyed with the boxes through the firing process and collectively they hold the memory of that day". Diane

Artist Bio
Diane Parker’s love affair with clay began as a young artist growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s and being surrounded by New Zealand made stoneware pottery, both domestic and sculptural. In 2005 she enrolled at the Otago School of Art as a distance Student for the Diploma in Ceramic Arts. It was during these years that Diane gained the ‘cornerstones’ of her ceramic/potting education and the foundation for future endeavours.

Diane’s work has been selected and represented in National as well as provincial Exhibitions. She currently tutors at The Waikato Society of Potters and has been a member, on and off, for the past 35 years holding positions as both President and Treasurer of the Society.

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