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Diane Parker


'Shooting Stars' is a one-off raku Humpty Pot with a striking glaze pattern on both sides, that resembles the night sky and shooting stars moving through the sky, lovingly handmade by Diane Parker. It reminds us of the quote by John Green: "The darkest nights, produce the brightest stars" 

Please note: Raku vessels are not waterproof - place a little plastic in the base of your pot and make sure to water your plant out of your humpty pot. Do not plant directly into the pot.

Size: (h) 185mm x (w) 140mm (can easily fit a 12cm nursery pot)
Plant sold seperately (Neon Pothos - available in store, please contact us if you wish to purchase the plant too)

The Raku Process

Raku was developed in Kyoto,Japan, during the Momoyama period 1573-1615 AD. The vessels are fired to 1000 degrees celcius and when glazes are molton, wares are removed from the kiln and placed in a bed of sawdust to cool. The black colour on unglazed areas, like the inside of the pot is the result of carbon entering the clay body.

Raku ware is purely decorative and because it is low fired, the ware is still porous, therefore will not hold water. Raku is for inside use, there is risk of breakage if placed outside in the rain and frost.

Artist Bio

Diane Parker’s love affair with clay began as a young artist growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s and being surrounded by New Zealand made stoneware pottery, both domestic and sculptural. In 2005 she enrolled at the Otago School of Art as a distance Student for the Diploma in Ceramic Arts. It was during these years that Diane gained the ‘cornerstones’ of her ceramic/potting education and the foundation for future endeavours.

Diane’s work has been selected and represented in National as well as provincial Exhibitions. She currently tutors at The Waikato Society of Potters and has been a member, on and off, for the past 35 years holding positions as both President and Treasurer of the Society.

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