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'Focal Point' by Claudia Aalderink is an original Beehive artwork taking inspiration from the Dada movement (1915-1923) 

'For this show I have worked with one of the typical Dada principals of collage, spontaneity,and chance in combination with my medium, recycled Beehives. Inspired by Dada artist Jean (Hans) Arp I have let the material guide me in my assembling of each piece'.

Focal Point was more about taking something away rather than adding to a piece. Pulling all
pieces back to a limited palette made them work beautifully together in a group. 

Other than that, my work has no deeper meaning, message, or reason. It’s meant to be
enjoyed visually and celebrated for the fact that less wood was thrown out'. Claudia Aalderink

Dimensions: (h)330mm x (w)330mm x (d)50mm
Medium: Charred recycled Beehives on Plywood

Artist Bio

Claudia Aalderink is a Kihikihi based artist, originally from Holland and has lived with her family in New Zealand since 2005. She is a forerunner in her design and constantly reinventing the possibilities of her medium. Balancing the tricky combination of running a gallery (The Mandarin Tree) and creating her own works that are becoming very sought after. 

Claudia has always had an interest in re-using and recycling material for artworks and in 2012 she came in contact with a large number of discarded beehives meant for firewood. Without hesitation she started exploring this new medium by disassembling them and revealing the beautiful character of the boxes in a new lease of life. “Each piece has their own story and I love the honesty of the material. I don’t hide any of the ‘scars’ created over time. They merely add to the final outcome of a piece”.

Within a reduced visual vocabulary of circles, squares, rectangles, and lines, she explores the subtlety of colour, scale, and composition creating original pieces of art.  

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