Letting Go / Jo Muir Textile & Claudia Aalderink Charred Wood

Jo Muir


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'IN CONTRAST' A Group Show - 23 July - 31 August. 
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'Letting Go' by Jo Muir (with charred wooden beam by Claudia Aalderink)

'I walk past this beautiful spot every day and am drawn into its mystical beauty. An artesian
spring with ancient blackened willow branches, leaning into a pond replete with waterlilies and
fine lichen lacing the surface. A salve for the mind and spirit and inspiration for my contributing series. 

My intent for this piece 'Letting go' was to honour the beauty of the overlooked, the imperfect. To
see the graphic beauty of trees blackened by mould against a backdrop of an algae and lichen
filled pond. 

Medium: Botanically printed silk Georgette overlay on Botanically printed vintage French linen.
Fabric Dimensions: Appr (h)2050mm x (w) 1000mm
Wooden Beam: Appr (L) 2000mm
Due to the transient nature of botanical dyes, we advise that this piece be out of direct sunlight.

The Process
Collecting fallen leaves and branches from the site, I created an intentional bundle with linen and Silk, dipped in the artesianal spring and bound with linen and Silk threads, to be used for handsewn detail. Into my dye pot along with various foliage I added rusted nails and pins from Claudia's beehives and a bolt, which I wrapped in silk that had come apart from the bridge further down the road and lay in my path one day on my walk. After simmering my bundle for several hours, I set it aside to rest for a few days before unwrapping.

Silk thread from the dye pot has been used to attach the linen and Silk drop a charred wooden
beam by Claudia Alderlink, salvaged from her studio renovation, charred and sealed, mimicking
the blackened willow branches.

In Contrast
Dark. Light
Grounded. Ethereal
Man made. Of Nature
Permanent. Impermanent
Perfect. Imperfect
Beauty. Decay
Loving someone. Letting go

Artist Bio

Nature Artist, Jo Muir comes from a long line of strong beautiful women from whom she has inherited the gift of truly seeing and appreciating beauty. She endeavours to bring that quality of joy in everything she makes. Jo works with nature and its colour palette to mindfully design pieces that bring calm and respite from today's fast-paced world. 

Fragrance, texture, colour and energy, are considered when Jo creates her bespoke textile & ritual pieces. She loves using natural botanical dyes and says that the energy they omit is calming, grounding and of the earth.

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