Market Day | SOLD

Mila Renault


'Market Day' Original watercolour by Mila Renault. 

This piece brings them the joy of light bouncing on these Colorful walls of the Mediterranean. The buzz of the people on the esplanades and cafes.


Artwork Size: H270mm x W390mm mounted on A2 Size matboard.
Paper: 100% Fabriano cp cotton Paper 

Artist Bio

Hamilton based artist Mila Renault works predominantly in watercolours. She loves the unpredictability of this medium as it translates her belief in a universe of endless possibilities.

Drawing and Painting has been a regular practice in Mila's life since her early childhood years living in Brazil. She studied watercolor and classical drawing at the Lyceum of Arts and Crafts of Sao Paulo with a formal qualification in Architecture and Urban Design. 

The New Zealand landscape provides Mila with endless inspiration from the sacredness of volcanos, rivers, and mountains. Combined with her Brazilian culture and the joy of its people she infuses everyday scenes with zest and energy.

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