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Jo Muir


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'We are made of stardust' by Jo Muir. Botanically dyed vintage Japanese silk Noren. Vintage Silk thread stitched detail, Charred Bamboo and Swedish linen thread.

The 'Elemental' series contain each of the elements.

Fire - charred Bamboo.
Earth - dyed with plant matter.
Water - Rainwater to make the dye.
Air - the oxidisation process of the dye and rust.
Spirit - intent, prayers, incense and infused with light.

Size:  H1430mm x W600mm (Bamboo 900mm)

Artist Bio 

Jo Muir comes from a long line of strong beautiful women. From them, she has inherited the gift of truly seeing and appreciating beauty. 
Jo works with nature and its colours palette to mindfully design contemporary textile artworks that bring calm and respite from today's fast-paced world and add quality and beauty to everyday rituals. There is an authenticity and integrity in using botanical dyes. The energy they omit is calming, grounding, of the earth. Her designs are grounded with the mindful intent to bring beauty to our everyday rituals and to bring joy.

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