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Kate Cregoe

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"Guardian“ by Kate Cregoe. An Original woodblock Print with 10 Edtions available.  Sold unframed. Please allow 10 days to process this order. Please note: Framed image is an example only.

Unframed Dimensions: W 820mm x H 570mm
Medium: Ink, Paper

Artist Statement

The 'Impressions' Collection tells a range of stories and convey impressions that have had significant meaning to me and my own felt experiences. These impressions are mostly sourced from nature or experiences I’ve shared with the people I love. 

The story of how a wool press became printing press in rural Whanganui...

A functional tool that I grew up with in rural New Zealand and one that I've seen being used my whole life. One day while I was pressing wool, the thought of using it as a printing press came to me. After more thinking, and with the help of my partner Grahame, who refined the technical side, we managed to modify our woolpress into a fine art printing tool by essentially using the wool press’s pressure to transfer my large scale carved woodblocks onto paper. A moment I will always treasure.

The Carving Process is very physical and immersive. Each print’s process has significant meaning to the artwork. A bit like meditation, I slowly carve out patterns and forms each day, and I am very mindful of the process of creating, with moments of pause, reflection and dreaming. The printing stage is one of my highlights in the creation process, as it combines two of my passions - farming and creativity. It’s a magical moment, as at this point I have no idea how the artwork will appear once pressed in ink. I have to embrace the imperfect nature of mark-making and also the mirrored composition. Each print has its own character, as the application of ink and pressure creates unique marks and different textures every time. 

Artist Bio

Kate Cregoe is a multidisciplinary emerging artist, designer and farmer based in Mangamahu, Rural Whanganui. She holds a Visual Communications degree from Massey University and furthered her studies in Botanical drawing whilst travelling abroad.
With a great love of the natural world, agriculture and adventure - Kate aims to provoke a felt experience through movement and celebrate the imperfectly perfect nature of mark-making that is created from hand-crafted processes. 

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